Empowering Young People to

Break the Cycle of Youth Violence

Established in 2009, based in the south-east of England and working across the UK, we are a registered charity delivering youth intervention programmes - online or face to face - designed to empower the most at-risk children and young people to make SMART CHOICES.


a world where youth violence is greatly reduced because vulnerable young people know and recognise,

that the choices they make and the decisions they take,

not only has a long lasting effect on their lives,

but also impacts the lives of others.


Breaking the cycle of youth violence should concern every one of us. 

Our Smart Choices interventions and programmes aim to help children and young people to do just that.

It costs just £225 to help change a young person's life.

We deliver:

- Early interventions for at-risk children aged 5 to 11.

- Mid interventions for at-risk children aged 11 to 13.

- Advanced intervention in the older age bracket of 16 to 21 for those in alternative provisions such as youth offending services or pupil referral units.


We are acutely aware of the impact of Covid-19 and we are continuing to serve our communities using online conferencing technology.


If you have any questions, or wish to find out more about how we can work together,

please email us on hello@smartchoices.org.uk or use our contact form.

Our Mission is to: 

Promote the safety and well-being of young people.


Our Vision is to: 

Live in a world where young people are emotionally resilient,

and know how to form healthy relationships to become the responsible citizens.


Our Values:

Caring about young people’s safety, self-esteem and confidence,

Listening and responding to individual/group needs,

Avoiding ‘done to’; instead, we work ‘with and for’ our young people.