About Us


Breaking the cycle of youth violence

Our Mission is to:


  • Promote the safety and well being of young people
  • Show them how to be in control of their emotions
  • Empower them to make choices that avoid conflict


Our Vision is we live in a world where young people are:


  • Emotionally resilient and know how to form healthy relationships
  • Confident, wise and considerate in their decision-making
  • Responsible citizens who fulfil their potential


Smart Choices is driven by:


  • Caring about young people’s safety, self-esteem and confidence
  • Listening and responding to individual/group needs
  • Avoiding ‘done to’; instead we work ‘with and for’ our young people


Even during these difficult times we are ‘open for business’. With the massive national and global response to COVID-19, we know its threat will eventually subside. With resources made even more scarce as a result, the challenge of youth violence will not have diminished.


Please note that our website is currently being redeveloped and more information about our work will be coming soon.