Resources for Youth Wellbeing

Our Head of Service Delivery, Talmud Bah, has produced several articles to help young people learn about the negative feelings they may experience when under stress or going through a difficult time.


We all experience pressure and apprehension and we want young people to know they are not alone, having moments of self-doubt are normal.


If you know somebody who is feeling overwhelmed or their mind easily swarms with too much information making it hard to concentrate and communicate, tell them to take a ten minute break, slow down, breath deep, and refocus.


Suggest reading through these articles to see if they can help next time they feel their mood lowering.


Like any activity, whether it be a new sport or hobby, don't expect too much straight away, it takes practice to improve so you may need to re-read these several times, that's okay, take things at your own pace.


If you would like to discuss these articles please contact us on or use our contact form.